It’s my life’s great irony!

I’ve been to the world’s most famous museums – Le Louvre and Musee d’Orsay in Paris, the Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeology Museum in Athens, the Prado in Madrid, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Vatican Museum in Rome, the Uffizi Galleries in Florence, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Cairo Archaeological Museum, the Moscow Kremlin Museum, among so many.

But I’ve never been to my own country’s National Museum!

I intend to make up for that though.

I’ll be attending today’s opening of the new Philam Life Gallery in the National Museum where they are showcasing the ‘one for the book’ masterpieces of national artist, Vicente Manansala.

The new Gallery will exhibit seven oil paintings of the country’s Cubism pioneer, inspiring future generations of Filipino artists.

The launch is a partnership between Philam Life and the National Museum which includes a donation to build Philam Paaralan schools in Yolanda-affected areas.

Prominent personalities will attend the event, including Jose L. Cuisia Jr., Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines to the United States of America; Rex A. Mendoza, Philam Life president and CEO; Manansala Family; Jeremy Barns, National Museum director ; and Max Ventura; Philam Foundation executive director.

More later!


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