Most wireless speakers are only good for indoors. So, I was exhilarated to find I can take my Braven portable speakers with me, adventuring in the great outdoors.


My Braven can accompany me, from poolside to campgrounds, from the seaside to the mountains. I can listen to music while surfing, riding, driving, trekking. And not only does it tolerate being splashed, it can even survive underwater, though not for too long. You can drop it in 1 meter deep waters and let it soak for half an hour and it will keep on playing.


The ultra-rugged, tank-like BRV-PRO (P6,750, available in silver, cyan, and gray) in IPX7 waterproof design fortified with aircraft grade aluminum, is the world’s first modular ultra-rugged Bluetooth speaker designed for extreme adventures.

It blasts HD music in any environment for up to 15 hours and comes with a built-in 2,200mAh rechargeable battery doubling as a power bank to charge smartphones and other USB devices. The BRV-PRO can also be outfitted with a solar charging panel for virtually endless music and power.

Of course, it’s just one of Braven’s new line of portable speakers.

Braven Balance (1)

Last week, the company also launched its sporty BRAVEN Balance (P5,850 in black, lime, gray, red/gray, purple/gray, and orange/gray) for working out. The Bluetooth speaker with bass optimization technology was designed for the modern active lifestyle.

Braven Balance (2)

Perfect for fitness studios, on-the-court, in the locker room, or on the deck, the BRAVEN Balance perfectly combines a low profile, ultra-thin design with outstanding sound quality and room filling bass. It features an anti-slip exterior for easy carrying even when wet and is capable of surviving accidental spills or drops with an IPX5 waterproof rating.

For the office or loft, the sophisticated BRAVEN 770 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (P6,750) slips easily in a briefcase or handbag. Hand crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, with an all-black finish that’s equal parts style and stealth.

Braven 770 (1)

This splash-proof speaker is designed with a noise-canceling internal speakerphone to make and take calls conveniently. Fully loaded, it’s enhanced with aptX technology for 12 hours of crisp, high definition audio and a built-in powerbank.

On the other hand, the colorful BRAVEN 805 (P9,950 in magenta, orange, red, white, gray and black) is meant to liven up the home. It features a unique combination of sound quality, integrated noise-canceling microphone and the ability to charge USB devices, with a powerful 4400 mAh portable battery bank.

Braven 805 (5)

The 805 is also equipped with TrueWireless™ Technology to pair with a second BRAVEN 805, 850, 855s, 1100, and BRV-HD speaker for left and right channel stereo sound.

Finally, there’s the LUX (P4,950) for party-goers, the latest addition to the BRAVEN Design Series.

Braven Lux (2)

The LUX redefines the look of a Bluetooth speaker with an intricately detailed grill in three metallic colors, pearl, gold and iridescent purple. Compact, lightweight and striking, the LUX bridges the gap between fashion accessories and electronics, as the ideal speaker for travel or at-home listening.

Braven Lux (2)

The LUX easily connects with any Bluetooth-enabled device, pairs with another LUX or BRAVEN 7-Series speaker to deliver left and right audio, and features a built-in noise-canceling speakerphone and mic to take calls anytime. It’s also water resistant, making it “party-proof.”


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