(Gadget Review: WD My Passport Ultra 3TB)


For a journalist like me, who’s also a globe-trotting digital nomad always hungry for huge storage-on-the-go, WD’s 3 Terabyte My Passport Ultra portable hard drive poses the perfect solution.

I discovered I could literally cram my whole life inside this portable hard drive no bigger than a mobile phone.


That’s over a decade of travel journals in more than 65 countries, photos, videos, music, e-books, movies, fave apps and games, plus all my interviews and my entire work folders.

I happen to own two laptops, two desktops, five tablets and four smartphones – among other digital gadgets. I don’t carry all these metal on the road, for sure. But it’s sheer hell trying to synchronize everything. I need a portable hard drive I can hook up with the whole lot, both for work and for amusing myself, indoors or outdoors.


Normally, I travel with just two pieces of luggage – a backpack and a daypack, which doubles as a gear bag. WD My Passport Ultra easily fits in the latter. Sometimes,  I just slip it in my pocket.

It’s plug and play, too and works straight out of the box, so no headaches.


I favor its simple to use backup software to preserve all my precious data. I had my hard disk compromised once before and knowing that malware infects over 30 per cent of devices nowadays, I breathe more easily knowing my vital files are backed up into a second device. As they say, better safe than sorry.

While the software does away with the real-time backup option, which takes place as changes are detected, the drive’s performance is fast enough for me. Data transfer rates is up to 5 gigabits per second for USB 3.0 and it’s backwardly compatible with USB 2.0.

Indeed, WD My Passport Ultra’s hardware encryption makes me feel more secure. Should I lose it, or heaven forbid, it falls into the wrong hands, the 256-bit AES hardware encryption protects all my user files.


Although WD My Passport Ultra doesn’t profess to be tailored for ultra-rugged use, so far, mine survived being lugged around from hotels to tents, from city to jungle, in Sahara-desert heat to winter conditions in the past couple of months.

Nevertheless, my gadget still faces a lot more abuse in the coming years. I average five to seven international trips per annum, ranging from a couple of weeks to four months each – not counting my local get-aways.

So, it gives me great comfort to know my WD My Passport Ultra has a 3-year limited warranty.

Of course, a limited warranty won’t suffice if I drop my portable storage drive down the face of a 20,000-foot massif. But I can enjoy a little peace of mind knowing WD will repair or replace My Passport Ultra if it conks out due to defects in materials or workmanship in my first three years of ownership.


Overall, I can only say so many things about a portable storage solution. But I’ll check the boxes on WD My Passport Ultra 3TB for being easy to use, easy to carry, stylish (it comes in Brilliant White, Wild Berry, Noble Blue and Classic Black), reliable and affordable.


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