Luminescence-Dreamscapes 2016




“My dreamscapes reflect a fascination with the nuances of light – radiant and luminous – in nature.  Impressions of timeless vistas blend with memories of the future and déjà vu images of the past.”



With this, artist and writer Maria Victoria “Mav” Rufino described her 18th solo exhibit of 35 mixed-media paintings, which the Peninsula Manila at The Gallery will present from February 3 to 7, 2016.

Tuscan Reverie


“She is intimately connected with her medium…..animates water, which is very neutral….but when she merges water and pigment, it’s like they were destined to meet each other,” noted Art critic Cid Reyes.



Mav has written several books and essays for various anthologies and publications. She has also produced dinner theater, plays and musical concerts in Manila and several cities in the United States, Italy and Hongkong.



Her “Luminescence-Dreamscapes 2016” also features a collection of soft, practical art: one-of-a-kind accessories.


National Artist Virgilio Almario and Poet of the Year Marne Kilates are participating in her exhibit with several new poems.



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