Countdown to Holi, Festival of Love and Colors


Holi 2016 poster_as of Feb26


Holi, the happiest and most colorful of the Hindu festivals, comes to Manila 18 days from now, on March 20, 2016 at SM by the Bay Central Park.


Widely celebrated in India, Nepal and countries with Hindu population, Holi ushers in the arrival of spring, whose colors people mimic by throwing colored powder called “gulal” at each other and up in the air.

Holi Festival 2015_colors (Richmond Chi)

Tossing the riotous colors symbolize friendship, unity, a sense of revelry.


Legends tell the story of Holika and her nephew Prahlada, who was devoted to the god Vishnu, “The Preserver” and “Protector”. When they both sat in a fire, the evil Holika was burned alive while Prahlada was protected by a cloak that could not burn.


Another myth tells the story of Krishna, the Supreme God of Hinduism, whose blue skin made him too shy to approach the beautiful, fair-skinned Radha. After following his mother’s advice to paint Radha’s face with color, Krishna and Radha fell in love.

Holi Festival 2015_toss (Richmond Chi)

For this reason, Holi not only marks the beginning of spring, it also celebrates  happiness and laughter, the triumph of good over evil, love and friendship. Holi is a time for merrymaking, giving thanks, reconciling, putting away the past, turning over a new leaf and celebrating the new.

holi fest

Recently, the festival has gained popularity worldwide. In fact, this will Asia Society Philippines and SM by the Bay’s 4th Holi celebration in the Manila.

Holi Festival 2015_Rangoli (Andressa Flores)


This year’s Holi also features traditional Indian and Bollywood songs and dances, live drummers and DJ from 3:30-7:30PM. Aside from the throwing of colored powder, people can enjoy games and prizes, authentic Indian cuisine, mehndi (henna) tattoos and Indian wares from on-site sellers.

Holi Festival 2015_dance (Veejay Calutan)




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